Sometimes in Soccer players and clubs fail to become the perfect marriage, yet some cases are worse than others.

With two years remaining on a lucrative contract at Spanish Giants Barcelona, Rafael Marquez agreed with the Catalan hierarchy to the release of his contract. Obtaining three European Championship winners medals, four La-Liga titles and a numerous amount of other domestic attire, Marquez wanted to jump ship onto one destined to North America, New York to be exact.

Signed as the third and final Designated Player, an infrastructure for The Red Bulls was firmly being arranged to help combat those MLS Cup blues, which has seen the franchise slip further and further away from the coveted prize.

But what supporters (especially) didn’t see appearing over the horizon was an arrogant and big headed, high profile name who saw Major League Soccer as an easy route to gaining mega bucks in the latter years of a silverware glittered career.

Arriving at the age of 31 it was clear from the off he was not conditioned enough to play every minute of every game in the white of New York. Although his experience was key to engineering a defensive unit into one of solidarity.

Over the two and a half seasons Rafa has spent at Red Bull Arena controversy and injuries have plagued more often than not, giving the faithful no option but to turn a cheek.

Most notably after a game against RSL back in September 2011 the Mexican hoarded towards the media to critically ambush fellow central defender Tim Ream’s (now at Bolton Wanderers) performance, famously stating his defending was ‘infantile’ and ‘cost the team goals’.

Also he added ‘ I’m focusing on really performance at my highest level. That doesn’t mean that the whole backline can perform at that level’. Does accomplishing so much, shape someone so talented to become self-centred and obnoxious to say the least ??

That was not the only disputed moment in the disfigured Red Bulls career of – once voted Ligue 1 Best Defender – Rafa Marquez.

With a considerable amount of $$$$’s weighing his ego down to such significance the Mexican Leader thought an offensive gesture directed towards the fans was necessary to go hand in hand with the jeers he was receiving in return. Upon a lack of respect and a unwillingness to convert those jeers into positive voices, he has been a player clearly on borrowed time.

To make matters work, in the Eastern Conference Play-Off Semi Final 2nd Leg 2012 his woeful attitude boiled to the service and eventually cost his sides pursuit of the MLS Cup. Already walking the yellow carded tight rope, heading into the decisive period of the clash, experience failed to prevail. As DC captain Chris Pontius got to the ball in perfect time to shift the ball to an unmarked teammate, Marquez ruthlessly slid in with studs showing to thud his blades into the right ankle of the DC man. The referee was given no other option but to send him off and ultimately leave New York with serious backline leakage.

His expression as he exited the field said it all, one of no emotion and a smirk that counteracted nothing other than $$$$$$$$$.

Heading into the 2013 campaign Rafael Marquez has removed his cards from his chest to signify his intentions on remaining the New York Red Bulls number 4 for the final year of his luxurious contract.

However are the supporters, front office staff and the players willing to allow the side to be dragged down again.

From a personal perspective I think he has been the worst DP to ever grace soccer in North America and needs to be taught a lesson.

Having only made 44 appearances in two and a half seasons due to being blighted by niggling calf and hamstring troubles, and being Thierry Henry’s attacking springboard he should be summoned to the exit door with a fierce boot up the backside. A lack of care and a severe lack of intention to pass on his experiences to the likes of Connor Lade and formerly Tim Ream, will undoubtedly spiral the fans into waving with gleaming joy as his exit finally enters the reality stage. As well as free up a useful DP spot for someone who actually is proud to be a Red Bull.