Preparing for a fight is the hardest but most rewarding time in a Boxer’s routine. As he prepares to face Josua Sosa. Danny O’Connor gives us an insight into his love of New England Revolution and his boxing career to date.

How did it come about you supporting the New England Revolution ?

It’s my home club from near where I grew up. We use to take team field trips to watch the matches when I played united youth soccer.

How long have you been supporting the club for ?

All my life I have supported the Revs and I will not stop.

Who in the current roster would you say is you favourite player?

I don’t have one favourite player, knowing them personally I respect each individual players talents and what they bring to the organisation.

When you attend games at Gillette Stadium where are you allocated ?

When I attend games I sit with the supporters clubs in an area designated for us called “The Fort”. I’m a member of the New England Rebellion which is one of the revs supporters clubs.

Just over a month ago you defeated Eddie Soto inside the home of the Revs. Describe the atmosphere and personal feeling you had before, during and after the fight ?

The atmosphere fight night was indescribable it was amazing. I had all the support of my fans and the revs fans and the drums were beating, the chants were being sung, and it was amazing. Being able to share an event with my club, an organisation that is so dear to my heart is a memory I will keep and cherish for the rest of my life.

New England Revolution

From your view point as a supporter how has the season gone so far ?

The season so far has had its ups and downs. It’s tough at the moment Shalrie Joseph was traded and Saer Sene has a serious injury. It’s hard because the revs have so much talent and it’s one thing if teams where beating us and blowing us out but they are not, games are so close and all winnable by revs that’s what makes it tough. Nevertheless we are a very talented team and things will improve.

Jay Heaps has done a fantastic job in charge of New England, Do you think he is capable of achieving a MLS Cup ?

I definitely think Jay Heaps and the Revs team are capable of achieving an MLS Cup.

Do New England possess the resources needed to build on the Lamar Hunt Open Cup success(2007) and continue to add to their trophy cabinet?

I absolutely think the Revs possess the resources to continue to build and add to the trophy case. Not only is the team talented but the revs organisation is amazing. The staff and supporters working behind the scenes really, truly care about this organisation and every move/decisions they are making are for the good of the teams future.

In a time period of five years. Where do you see the Revs ?

I see them working hard and trying to dominate teams. And I’ll be in ‘The Fort’ cheering my heart out while it happens.


What age did you start boxing ?

I started boxing quite late when I was about 16 years old.

Have always wanted to become a professional boxer ?

No I wanted to become a professional soccer player and to this day I still do.


What age was you when you decided to turn professional ?

When I was a member of the United States Olympic team I knew that after the 2008 games in China I was going to turn professional and continue my dream of being a world champion.

Who has been your biggest influence throughout your boxing career ?

My biggest influence has been my Mom who has always supported my hopes and dream and now my wife Diane & son Liam.

For the British fans who are unfamiliar with you. How would you describe your boxing style ?

In life I’m a blue collar normal Joe who believes in hard work and dedication. I bring the same outlook to the ring I work very hard at everything and I’m a very smart fighter but like to think that I would be able to fight in every situation needed.

Do have any post fight superstitions ?

I don’t have any superstitions, usually when I’m at training camp for a while without seeing my wife and son, as soon as the fight is over I’m ready to see my family.

When and Where is your next fight ?

My next fight is September 29th at Foxwoods Casino Connecticut tickets can be bought on and I can’t wait. My soccer hooliganism supporters will be out in full force cheering me on.

Who is your next opponent ?

Josua Sosa from Arizona.

For any young kid wanting to become a professional boxer just life yourself what advice would you give them ?

My advice to anyone doesn’t have to be a boxer is that life is a short and precious thing. if you have a dream do everything in your power to accomplish that dream and don’t let anyone on the way tell you that u can’t.

Fun Questions

Best Fight You’ve Fought In ?

Any fight in the Gillette Stadium alongside the Revs supporters.

Boxing Idol Growing Up ?

I am a huge Ricky Hatton fan as well as Pernell Whitaker, Mike Tyson, Marvin Haggler.

Best Arena You’ve Boxed In ?

Gillette Stadium.

Favourite Drink ?

Chocolate Flavoured Coconut Water

Favourite Dish ?

Healthy Food- Buffalo Steak ,Rice, Sweet Potato, Vegetables, 1 Tablespoon Of Coconut Oil.

Unhealthy- Stale Granola Cereal

First Car ?

Huffy bicycle I was too poor for a car when I was younger.

Hobbies Outside Boxing ?

My hobbies outside boxing are soccer. I always keep my boots with me and kick around whenever I can. I join supporters for viewing party’s. I’m a member of the New England Rebellion supporters club for the Revs and a member of the American Outlaws US Soccer Supporters.

Favourite Vacation Destination ?

My favourite destination would be Ireland/England/Scotland I also support Liverpool & Celtic so I have dreams of attending their home matches.

What Would You Do If You Won $1million ?

I would buy ownership of the New England Revolution and dedicate my life after boxing to my love of soccer and my club, as I help build it.


I would like to thank Danny O’Connor for his time and efforts during the interview process.

By Anthony Bedworth