The Canadian Men’s Soccer Team have been looking to get everything right ahead of a gruelling World Cup Qualifying campaign. After scoring the first of two goals against Trinidad and Tobago in an International friendly match, I managed to catch a word with striker Tosaint Ricketts, we spoke about his European adventure and how he visualises the international side growing.

How was life for you in Romania ?

Life in Romania was good for me outside of football, i adapted well to the culture, food, people and lifestyle very quickly as well as learning lots of the Romanian language. The only downfall was the financial problems the club had/has during my stay there. I’ve been away from Romania since May.

Being born in Canada I guess the move to Europe was a huge step out of your comfort zone, how did you deal with this ?

I handled this step fairly well. I started in Finland which was an easy adjustment for me just because the environment and people in Finland were very welcoming and friendly. I usually adapt quickly to my environments just part of my character.

What state is the Romanian football in at present ? (in terms of standard of teams and players)

Well first of all the league and players in Romania are great. The level of play there is high and very technical, great league to develop as a player. Financially it’s a different story. Many clubs are playing catch-up in terms of wages owed to players, which is fine for some players but not all. In my situation Poli fell too far behind and lost everything.

What is your current status with ACS Poli Timişoara?

I’m currently waiting for my release dues to unpaid wages. So I’m not a part of that team.

Being stripped of a place in Liga I must have been devastating for the club after finishing second, how is the club getting on with the rebuilding process now ?

I believe the rebuilding process has come to a halt after the president filed for bankruptcy.

Where can you see the Romanian football being in five years time?

Personally I believe it won’t change at all just because I’ve haven’t seen any genuine attempts to fix the on-going problem throughout the league.

Canadian Soccer

How would you sum up Soccer in Canada at the moment ?

On the rise. The popularity grows each year and its heading in the right direction. I’m very pleased with the progress of soccer in Canada.

It was great to see you notch up a goal against Trinidad And Tobago last week, what are your ambitions now for the national side on a personal level ?

Thanks. Personally I just want to continue contributing to the national team any way that benefits our team goals. I have a great passion when it comes to suiting up for the national team and I want nothing more than success for our team, that’s why every time I get on that pitch for Canada I give it my all.

Having played all of your senior soccer in outside of your native Canada, is there a burning desire to one day return home and sample the MLS representing one of the Canadian sides ?

Well I believe it’s a dream for every footballer to play in their native country, so absolutely I’d love to one day be back home playing in Canada.

With Toronto FC, Montreal Impact and Vancouver Whitecaps flying the flag for Canada in the MLS, can you see the country franchising anymore clubs for the MLS?

I really hope so. Edmonton would be great since it’s the city I grew up in.

How do you feel these three teams are coping in the MLS ?

I feel there’s lots of work still to be done, but once some accolades start coming in people will start to recognize them as dangerous teams.

Currently in the Canadian national set up who would you say are the stand out players and also the ones to watch in the near future?

Well I feel the whole squad is coming together very nicely but I always have to pay respect to the older individuals who paved the way like Atiba Hutchinson, Dwayne De Rosario, Julian De Guzman and Kevin McKenna all good leaders and people I look up to.

Where do you see Canadian soccer in five years’ time ?

Favourites to qualify for the World Cup 2018. After qualifying for 2014 🙂

Fun Time

Favourite Goal Scored ?

Goal vs Ecuador to draw the game even

Best Player Played With ?

Cosmin Contra ex Ac Milan player

Best Player Played Against ?

Sergio Agruero

Favourite Stadium ?

BMO Field home of the Canadian national side

Team Supported Growing Up ?

FC Barcelona

Who was Your Soccer Idol growing up ?

Ronaldo (Brazil)

Best Friend in Soccer ?

I have many

Favourite Food ?

My mom’s lobster, crab, and ship gumbo

Favourite Drink ?

Vitamin Water XXX thanks 50 Cent

Favourite Holiday Destination ?


First Car ?

Honda Prelude

What do you like to do in your spare time ?

Video Games

What would you do if you won $1million ?

Share it with my Family

By Anthony Bedworth