At the tender age of 20, many will be looking to widen their eyes deciding on what the future has install for them. But Toronto FC Brand Ambassador Rachel Bonnetta has come across the job role she describes as ‘one of the best in the world’. Being a brand ambassador is a confusing title, I caught up with Rachel to discuss what the role involves and all things Toronto FC.

First of all, for all the British soccer fans who are unsure of what you, What is your job title and duties ?

I am the Brand Ambassador of Toronto FC, some people call me “the face of TFC” but that just sounds weird.. I do a lot of different things over here! It all started when I won “The Toronto FC Dream Job” in March- which was the greatest thing to have happened to me.  I make a lot of their video content alongside my partner in crime Asif Hossain, I host the live halftime show and basically just represent the brand on a daily basis. I get paid to eat, sleep and breathe Toronto FC….Not too shabby, huh?

Toronto FC is one of the biggest franchises in the MLS. How does it feel to be working for such a club ?

It’s the best feeling! We have such a huge support system over here at Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. I am only twenty years old, fresh out of college, so as you can imagine, I had a lot of questions being new to the whole 9-5 thing but all my coworkers helped me on my way and  I will be forever grateful to all of my bosses who took the chance on me. Also the fans that Toronto FC has…..Wow, is all I can say. They live and die by the team and the unrelenting support and passion that we see on a day to day basis is something that I had never experienced in my life… Really, really cool.

Has soccer always been an interest of yours ?

Sure has! I’ve been playing soccer since I was a wee one! In high school and all throughout college I played volleyball, but I have always been athletic so throw me a ball/stick/net/shoes, I’ll play whatever you got.

I’ve got to say though, since I started this job my passion for the beautiful game has grown A LOT. Being around it all day every day, meeting some of the people involved like the players and the people behind the scene- has just been so inspiring. It’s my life now and that will never change.

After viewing on a regular occasion I notice your very involved in the media side of the club. What is the typical daily routine for Rachel Bonnetta?

-Well, it’s a whole lot of awesome! I have two places of work, I am back and forth from my studio to BMO field a few times a day- so it gets very busy! But my routine varies, if it’s a regular day, I’m usually producing some sort of online content video, I write, edit and shoot all my own stuff so you can usually find me hiding in the corner on my mac trying to whip something together quickly! If it’s a game day- totally different story! We have rehearsals for the half time show at some point and usually I am on twitter ALL.DAY.LONG amping everyone up for the match, talking about behind the scenes stuff. Honestly, I have one of the best jobs in the world! I get to do what I love every single day and could not be more grateful.

On you often show the best pre game entertainment and refreshments to enjoy. What is the best match day event to be apart ?

The best match day event to be a part of is the match. The energy, passion and atmosphere is absolutely wild. If you haven’t been out to a Toronto FC match, there is only 3 more! So get a move on. And also come say hi:)

And in BMO field what refreshments would you recommend for any potential new Toronto FC fans?

Well, anyone that follows me on twitter knows I love food… thank god for a fast metabolism. Taco FC is delicioso- that’s usually the one that I recommend and the pizza at BMO field is stupidly good. Why can’t all pizza taste like that? You have GOT to try it!

BMO Field is also the national stadium for Canada, What is the best feature of the arena?

I love that it is so close to the water, on warm days you can feel the breeze from the lake sweep through.. It’s kind of perfect. You also have a wicked view of Toronto and the CN tower!

Becoming a part of the media at any organisation is clearly a grueling process. What exactly was your route into being in the position you are today?

-I have to thank the Toronto FC fans for this one. I’m getting close to having 1500 followers on twitter and when I first got into this position, it could have gone completely the other way if I didn’t have the support that I do from them so… THANKS GUYS! I tell you this all the time but you guys are aweshummm.

TFC Questions

Toronto FC have had a rollercoaster ride of season. But since Paul Mariner has arrived the rocky ship has been steadied somewhat. What is your view point on the job he has done and the job previous head coach Aron Winter did ?

This is a tough one because they are both great coaches, but since Paul has taken over there has been a lot of change- even just the atmosphere in being around the team. With my job I get to attend a lot of the behind the scenes type events that the regular Toronto FC fan or even employee wouldn’t usually get to see- like practices or when the team is just goofing around. Something that really sticks out for me is this one time that I was up at our brand new Kia training facility and there was someone singing in the hallway. Anyone that knows me- knows that I’m a little cooky and it would usually be me belting something out.. So when I heard this, I instantly wanted to start a duet… I rounded the corner and saw that it was Paul Mariner. He instantly sky rocketed through my books. It’s just the personality and comfortability that he brings to the table and to the team, and also the knowledge that he has for the game, it makes a very big difference in the atmosphere and I’m sure the guys would agree.

As a whole to date, how do you think the season has gone?

We have had our ups and downs but I think this year was our season to grow! Sure, we may not be where we want to be in the standings, but you have just got to keep moving forward- there’s no point in dwelling on that shot that we didn’t take or that red card that we got. I know all of the guys on the team, everyone behind the scenes including myself, we have just been blown away by the support of everyone. They have stuck by our sides through everything this season and- sure it has been a roller coaster but the season isn’t finished yet and even when it is, everything that we have been through over the past 6-7 months are just going to make us a stronger club next year. SO, BRING IT ON!

The play offs are out of the reckoning this season for Toronto FC, is the planning beginning for next season or is the franchise focused on pride and CCL?

We are just taking it one match at a time. The season isn’t over yet and we would all like to finish on the highest note achievable.

MVP is a very prestigious award for any professional athlete. Who would your Toronto FC personal choice be for the 2012 MLS season?

TERRRRYYYY DUNNNFIEELLLDDD. He is an outstanding player and just an amazing guy! AND he’s Canadian. So he’s got my vote.

Your job involves many interviews of players. Who would you say has been the best player you’ve interviewed?

I did a pretty fun interview with Richard Eckersley and Olly Murs (singer) once upon a time. Whenever I am interviewing anyone, if we can make it fun and entertaining and light, it instantly becomes awesome for me and all the guys usually do turn it that way, so they are all the best in my eyes!

Who has been the most awkward to interview?

If anyone is going to be awkward in the interview it is going to be Rachel Bonnetta. I grew up with three older brothers and although I may not look like it, I am going to be a tom boy at heart for the rest of my life. So there are some things that I may say and often do, that will catch people off guard. Funny for me, awkward for them. Awkward is basically my life, I’m just really good at pulling it off! right?

In the years to come, are Toronto FC capable of achieving MLS cup success?

10000000% I believe in them and the 20,000 people that sit their bums down into the seats at BMO for every home match feel the same way.

Where do you see Toronto FC in five years time ?

Although I wish I could, I can’t tell the future. I can tell you this… We will be as close as ever. The team and franchise will continue to grow as will the support, we hope. As I said earlier I think it’s in our best interest to take it one match at a time and just keep moving forward all together.

Fun Questions

Favourite MLS player ?

All the boys of Toronto FC. I can’t choose they are all way too awesome.

Team supported growing up ?

I have always looked up to my brothers, and one of them LOVED Arsenal, so..following suit, so did I. He used to teach me all the chants and we used to watch the games in our living room and drive our parents crazy screaming at the top of our lungs. Sorry about that mom & dad…actually no I’m not:)

Favourite MLS stadium (apart from BMO Field?)

I don’t do a lot of traveling with the team so I haven’t seen any other stadiums besides the big O in Montreal. I need to get out more…

Best MLS game you’ve watched ?

Toronto FC vs. Vancouver whitecaps. Terry Dunfield turned into..What I think was a robot.. because that was the best game I have ever seen him play. Everything about that match was pure perfection… the atmosphere, the energy, the fans.. and my mom was there. It was amazing. best. match. ever.

Favourite Drink ?

Vanilla Coke. easily.

Favourite Dish?

My mom’s chicken broccoli casserole.. Which she has not sent me in a while…wink wink nudge nudge.  I miss living at home and having home cooked meals!

First Car ?

I have actually never owned a car in my life. and don’t plan on doing so for a long time. ALTHOUGH. My dad used to have a bad ass diesel truck when I was younger and some days he would give it to me for the day. Picture this tiny little girl barely even able to look over the steering wheel, driving something that sounded like a bus..It…Was.. AWESOME.

Favourite Vacation Destination?

Mazinaw lake. My family’s cottage is on that lake along with my parent’s best friends. It’s a home away from home and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life going up there.

What would you do if you won $1million ?

I would give it to my mom. She is the coolest person that I will ever meet in my entire life and she deserves everything that she ever wants in the world. I wouldn’t even keep a penny. Besides I probably owe her a mill after all the phone bills she’s paid for me. Love you ma.

I would like to thank Rachel for the time and efforts she put into the interview process.