Montreal Impact have taken to the MLS like a duck to water, with experienced high profiled names now in the ranks Impact are now looking one way and that’s up. A few months ago I caught up with defender Jeb Brovsky to discuss the season so far and how the arrival of Alessandro Nesta will benefit him from a personal perspective as well as a team one.

How do you feel the season has gone so far for the Montreal Impact?

I think the season has gone well so far. Obviously we have dropped some points here and there but we are very much in the hunt for the playoffs and we are excited about our upcoming fixtures.

What are the Impact looking to do this season in their inaugural campaign?

The great thing about this organization from top to bottom is that no one looks at our team as an “Expansion Team.” We know the season is going to be filled with ups and downs but our goals have remained the same. Everyone from the Front Office down to the Squad believes that we have what it takes to make it far into the playoffs.

Alessandro Nesta has won many league and European titles over his illustrious career, What is the feel in the camp with the signing of Nesta and what can he offer during his time in the MLS ?

Everyone is certainly excited to have a great player like him on board. He has so much to offer on and off the pitch that all of us can learn from. Nesta is a world-class player and I am looking forward to learning from him and his experiences.

Being a defender yourself I’ am sure you will be keen to learn of Alessandro Nesta one of the world’s finest?

Without a doubt! Anytime a veteran is on the squad I think it is the duty of a younger player to learn and receive guidance from them. With a legend of the game like Nesta, it is very important that I use the resource and listen as much as possible. I’m very excited at this opportunity.

How are you finding it playing in the new Stade Saputo and how does it compare to the Olympic Stadium?

Well I think this is somewhat like comparing apples to oranges. Olympic Stadium was great for the time we were in there because it held 60,000 fans and we really had the numbers of fans packed in there. Stade Saputo is a fantastic soccer facility that really feels like home. We don’t get the huge numbers of fans like in Olympic Stadium but the enclosed atmosphere makes it twice as loud, which is great.

The Montreal Impact have been renowned for being a team that is primed to be physical is this how you are told to go out and play ?

We don’t ever go out and say we are going to physically beat teams into the ground by any means, no. However, we are a team that will always compete and if the team we play against offers up a physical battle for 90 minutes, then we are certainly ready for that. We always want to play the beautiful game though. MLS is a physical league but there are great technical players both on our team and all over the league. We try to find a good balance between those two in Montreal.

What is Jesse Marsch like to play under?

Jesse is a great coach to play for. For me, he is everything I want in a coach: hard-nosed, passionate, very knowledgeable and motivational. He knows the game very well and shows his passion every single day.

When you return to play against your former side Vancouver Whitecaps what sort of reception do you receive ?

The fans in Vancouver were great. The Southsiders and all the fans in the city were very welcoming and respectful. I am happy for the city and the club this year for all their success and I wouldn’t have traded my experience there for anything.

What does the future hold for Montreal Impact ?

You can never be sure of what the future holds but I am certain that the club’s future will be a positive one. We have an extraordinary club structure, front office, staff, fan base etc. Everyone working towards making the Montreal Impact one of the best clubs in the world and I think we certainly are off to a great start.


How big do you think the MLS can be ?

I think the MLS is growing very fast and someday very soon will compete with some of the top leagues in the world. It is fantastic having top European clubs come over in the Summer and play matches. This not only helps our global fan base but now you see more and more European players wanting to play here as well. It’s fantastic to see.

Apart from the Montreal Impact players which other MLS players do you admire ?

My first year in the League, I was lucky enough to have some great role models and veteran leaders on my team. Guys like Jay DeMerit, Joe Cannon, Shea Salinas and John Thorrington were amongst the guys who really took me under their wing and helped develop my game. I have tremendous respect for many players around the League but simply point out these guys for their help on and off the field.

What are your career ambitions within the next five years ?

I have some big ambitions for the future, some that I’ve had since I was 4 or 5 years old. The main thing for me right now though is to continue to improve day in and day out on every facet of my game. A couple of MLS Cups in those five years wouldn’t hurt

Fun Time Questions

Football idol growing up ?

Zinedine Zidane and Roy Keane

Favourite team growing up ?

Manchester United

Favourite MLS stadium ?

Saputo Stadium and Livestrong Park

Best friend in soccer ?

Andrew Luttrell, college roommate/teammate

First Car ?

Green 1997 Ford F-150

Favourite Vacation ?


Favourite Dish ?

Chipotle Burrito

Favourite Drink ?

Arnold Palmer

Favourite Film ?

Forrest Gump and Fight Club

Favourite TV programme/s ?

Family Guy, Bill Maher, Modern Family

Favourite Song ?


Hobbies/ Interests outside soccer ?

Reading, Snowboarding, Hiking, Activist

What would you do if you won $1million ?

Pass out from being overjoyed… buy a paper bag…then put some away for my future children. (College is going to be VERY expensive by that time)

I would like to thank Jeb Brovsky for his time and efforts during the interview process.

By Anthony Bedworth