Being brought up in Milton Keynes Bobby Frame one of the up and coming starlets in the MLS, the thought of Canada was easily out of the question. But in 2009 it all changed for Bobby Frame and his family. Impressing in a trial game he was offered the dream opportunity to play for Toronto FC, the biggest club in Canadian Soccer. Currently he can be found in the orange of Houston Dynamo were he moved most recently. I caught up with the defender to get an insight into his early life and what his ambitions are.

How did it come about you being English and finding yourself in the academy at one of Canada’s finest soccer set ups (Where were you born) etc ?

I was born in Milton Keynes, England to an English Mother and a Scottish Father. Growing up I spent a lot of time playing at academies in England. At a young age I played at Luton Town until I was 14 years old, then I moved to Birmingham City and I played there until I moved to Canada with my family in 2009. At the age of 15 I met Stuart Neely, the previous academy director of Toronto FC who watched me play for Toronto FC In a trial game, after that game I spent two seasons with Toronto FC until June of 2012 when I decided to leave and go to Houston Dynamo.

How did the Houston Dynamo move come about ?

After two seasons at Toronto FC and for personal reasons, I decided it was time for a new step in my career. I wanted a fresh start with a brand new team to help my journey to become a pro. I felt it important to gain experience at more than one MLS team.

What are you looking to achieve at your new club ?

I want to become an established member of the first team and possibly play for my age at the Scotland national team.

How are you feeling prior to you moving to Houston Dynamo and starting a new chapter in your career ?

I’m very excited about my move; it will be a new challenge for me going into new surroundings with a new climate and different style of play. I’m also nervous because going into a brand new team is always a scary process, but once I have settled down I know it will be a great decision to join Houston.

For all the UK fans who are unfamiliar with the player you are, what are your best attributes and what position are you currently occupying?

I am a classic English Centre Back, my best attributes defensively are my ability to win a lot in the air due to being 6ft5 and I always tackle hard and go for every tackle. I am also good on the ball, I believe I am a very composed player and I can pass very accurately over short and long distances. I am also a threat at set pieces because I go up for more or less every set piece.

What is the difference between the style of football in North America compared to the English style ?

To be honest the style is not really different, I think the philosophy of playing the ball around and keeping the ball is now standard around the world. Both leagues are very physical and athletic, but the style is the same because the European coaches and players have incorporated it into the team’s game plan and the way they play.

What are your soccer ambitions within the next five years ?

My ambitions in the next five years are to be recognized starting player for my club and play internationally for Scotland.

Do you feel the MLS can be one of the biggest leagues in world football or do you think it still has a lot of work to do ?

I think the MLS has the potential to be one of the biggest leagues in the world, I just think it would be extremely difficult due to the competition in Europe. It is hard to attract big name players in Europe because they want to have the chance to play in the Champions League and Europa League and in the MLS they don’t have the chance to do that. I don’t think the MLS has a lot of work to do because it’s a fantastic league with great teams and stadiums, which have top quality fan bases. Personally I think the league I heading in the right direction, but being a  top league in the world would be an exciting challenge for everyone involved.

As we have seen many European top names have moved to the MLS do you see many others and who would you like to see in Major League Soccer ?

I would like to see some more big named players come over to play because it gives the league more exposure to the world, but also some younger recognized talents too. I would like to see Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard come and play in the MLS and players of that standard.

Apart from Toronto FC what other teams in the MLS do you admire ?

Another team I admire is Houston Dynamo, the reason for this is because they have been one of the strongest teams in the MLS for many years, and have done this without big name European players on there team.

With so many top quality players now plying their trade in Major League Soccer, who do you admire most ?

Obviously there must be a huge amount of respect  for all of the top class players now playing in the MLS, But the players I admire most are Torsten Frings & Thierry Henry because they have achieved so much in their careers, and have become legends.

Fun Time Questions

Best Match played in ?

The best match I ever played in was for Toronto FC U21 v Columbus Crew U21, I was being rested this game as I had played 2 games in the past 2 days, so I was on the bench. At half time we were 3-0 down and I came on in Defence for the second half, we managed to get the game back to 3-3 and this was a huge achievement especially being down by 3 goals at half time.

Best player played with ?

The best player I ever played with was Nathan Redmond who is now a starting player with Birmingham City FC.

Best player played against ?

The best player I ever played against would have to be Ashtone Morgan from Toronto FC, I played against him a few times in inter squad friendlies and you can see he is a special talent. For such a young starting defender in the MLS, he is definitely a player for the future.

Football idol growing up ?

My football idol growing up was between two people, Thierry Henry & Zinadine Zidane. Both were amazing players to watch but as an arsenal fan im going to say Thierry Henry, He was able to amaze me in different ways every week that I watched him.

Favourite team growing up ?

I had two favourite teams growing up and they were Arsenal & Watford. I was a season ticket holder for 8+ years at Watford.

Favourite MLS stadium ?

My favourite MLS stadium is PPL park, Home to the Philadelphia Union.

Best friend in soccer ?

I don’t really have a “Best” friend in soccer, but I have met some great people, and made a lot of friends.

First Car (If applies) ?

A Silver 2003 Dodge Neon SX

Favourite Vacation ?

Apart from going home to England to visit my family and friends, my favourite vacation was a cruise around the Caribbean.

Favourite Dish ?

Steak & Sweet Potatoes.

Favourite Drink ?

Vitamin Water (Dragon Fruit Flavour)

Favourite Film ?

My favourite Film would be between Bad Boys 2 or Step Brothers.

Favourite TV programme/s ?

My favourite TV shows are: Match of the Day, Celebrity Juice, The inbetweeners & Hells Kitchen.

Favourite Song ?

London City Part II by Devlin


It’s All Love by Scorcher

Hobbies/ Interests outside soccer ?

I love to play Golf, so I try and play as much as I can in a week. Apart from that Im a big FIFA player.

What would you do if you won $1million ?

If I won $1 million I would take care of anything that my family needed & give a donation to Cancer Research or another charity of choice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bobby Frame for his efforts during the interview.

By Anthony Bedworth